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"The things you can't get from the books"

Our longest running course and founding Academy, we specialise in Parkinson's and other movement disorders.

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'The things you can't get from the books'

Parkinson's Academy, our original and longest running Academy, houses over 22 years of inspirational projects, resources, and evidence for improving outcomes for people with Parkinson's. Led by co-founder and academic director Dr Peter Fletcher, the Academy has a truly collegiate feel and prides itself on delivering 'the things you can't get from the books' – a practical learning model which inspires all Neurology Academy courses.

Over 22 years of tried and tested education

Established in 2002, the in-depth yet hands-on style of Academy MasterClasses was radically different to traditional medical education then, and it still is.

Proven impact of MasterClass projects

MasterClass projects have led to nationally used tools being developed, honorary qualifications being granted, and local services utterly transformed. Proven to have impacted services in a meaningful way and changed outcomes and quality of care for people with Parkinson's, every delegate documents their work to share their experiences and are encouraged to continue their work, with many supported to present it via journals or invited to present it to their peers.

Home to a collegiate of caring, expert professionals

Our MasterClasses mark the start of a professional journey - these peers support each other in a professional network by sharing experiences, inspiring excellence and seeking to transform tomorrow for people with Parkinson's.

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Our longest running course and founding Academy, we specialise in Parkinson's and other movement disorders.

Parkinson’s Academy offers a unique opportunity for healthcare professionals to receive expert training in Parkinson’s.

Established in 2002, the delivery of Parkinson’s MasterClasses is an innovative educational programme established by the Movement Disorder Section of the British Geriatrics Society (BGS). The MasterClass aims to provide a structured training programme for senior members of the medical profession who seek formal training in both the clinical and managerial aspects of running a ‘Parkinson’s service’.

The educational style of the Academy has been commended by the Department of Health (England) and by Parkinson’s UK for providing unique clinical skills enhancement and service development.

To date, 125 events have been held producing over 7,800 trained specialist attendees from across the UK and wider parts of the globe. These include our MasterClasses, roadshows, webinars, online courses, bitesize education and other offerings. Whether you are a consultant, registrar, GP, experienced neurosciences pharmacist, specialist nurse, physiotherapist or other allied healthcare professional with an interest in Parkinson’s, the aim is to build your confidence in managing the condition.

We do this by drawing on the expertise of leaders in the field who deliver top quality education in small groups and a relaxed atmosphere. The courses address both the clinical and managerial aspects of running a Parkinson’s service, with input from a range of disciplines, and of course from patients themselves.

Not only does the Academy provide updates on the evidence base for managing Parkinson’s and practical support on how to develop a Parkinson’s service, but course graduates also tell us that the Academy is an invaluable opportunity to establish an ongoing network of peer support – not just in Parkinson’s but in other rarer movement disorders too.

Advanced training also includes a mentorship programme, which means that individual support continues even after the residential course has finished.

The Academy MasterClass programmes are approved by the Federation of the Royal Colleges of Physicians of the United Kingdom. The Advanced MasterClass was awarded 27 category 1 (external) CPD credit(s) in 2024. Please note that the credits are subject to approval of the final programme.

We offer Foundation and Advanced MasterClasses in Parkinson’s, plus other courses in specialised areas such a palliative care:

Foundation MasterClass

For non-final year registrars, SpRs, Parkinson’s nurses within the first 18 months of post, pharmacists, clinical fellows and clinical lecturers.

Advanced MasterClass

For consultant physicians, Parkinson’s nurses, staff grade physicians, final year registrars and experienced neurosciences pharmacists with an interest in Parkinson’s wishing to advance their knowledge and skills in this area.

To understand which course level is right for you, please follow the link below for a detailed table.


Parkinson's Academy
News and articles

04 Oct 2023 Posted in Knowledge

Parkinson's Academy: Education with impact

The first to be published in this year's Education with impact series is for Parkinson's Academy, our longest running education programme.

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Faculty - Our Stars

This Academy is proud to have a host of incredible Faculty, many of who have been delegates themselves. We took the time to tell some of their stories in 'Faculty - Our Stars' to share their learning and inspire others to effect change.

Dr Peter Fletcher
Consultant care of the elderly physician
Sue Thomas
Independent healthcare consultant
Prof Emily Henderson
Associate professor in ageing and movement disorders and honorary consultant geriatrician.
Dr Richard Davenport
Consultant neurologist
Louise Ebenezer
Clinical nurse specialist for Parkinson’s disease
Dr Robin Fackrell
Consultant physician & specialist in Parkinson’s disease & related disorders
Dr James Fisher
Consultant geriatrician
Dr Richard Genever
Consultant physician and movement disorders lead
Prof Iracema Leroi
Associate professor of geriatric psychiatry
Dr Andrea Lindahl
Consultant neurologist & clinical lead for Parkinson’s disease and movement disorder
Dr Ed Richfield
Consultant in elderly medicine
Dr Conor Maguire
Consultant physician in geriatric and general medicine
Dr Sarah Marrinan
Consultant physician
Dr Helen Roberts
Senior lecturer
Dr Rob Skelly
Consultant geriatrician
Dr Lara Teare
Consultant neurologist
Prof Sandy Thomson
Consultant physician and geriatrician
Prof Richard Walker
Consultant physician
Dr Paul Worth
Consultant in neurology


All MasterClass attendees carry out a workplace project as a key part of the course. This will be on an issue they choose in the area that they work.

All two-module MasterClasses include an intermodule project. This is a workplace project that attendees complete as a key part of the course.

Attendees have free reign over this project. It might be service delivery, patient management or drug treatments, and it could take the form of a service description, an audit, or another form of research. It should meet a local need.

When complete, the project closes with a presentation to the other course members, faculty, and often their managers, commissioners or other people of influence in their area. The group chooses a winner and runner up who receive an award at an evening event, and all projects are shared in our resources section.

Importance of routine fracture risk assessment in older people with Parkinson’s disease and falls
By Emma Lines, Elderly care consultant, East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust
An Advice and Guidance Pathway in the UHBW Movement Disorders Service. Stage 1 Data Collection
By Peter Sugden, Registrar in geriatric and general medicine, University Hospitals Bristol and Weston NHS Foundation Trust
Promoting Strong bones For People with Parkinson’s
By Grace Hogan, Parkinson's nurse, Dartford and Gravesham NHS Trust


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