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Honorary faculty

Our Honorary Faculty are the clinical leaders of their Academy, bringing their expertise and experience, alongside an enthusiasm and drive to improve services and outcomes for people living with a neurological condition. The voluntary role includes bringing new ideas into their Academy, building on and developing new educational content, creating programmes and selecting speakers for our range of educational events.

Dr Neil Archibald Clinical director for neurology and stroke and consultant neurologist
Dr Richard Davenport Consultant neurologist
Louise Ebenezer Clinical nurse specialist for Parkinson’s disease
Dr Robin Fackrell Consultant physician & specialist in Parkinson’s disease & related disorders
Dr Peter Fletcher Consultant care of the elderly physician
Academic director, Parkinson's Academy
Dr Richard Genever Consultant physician and movement disorders lead
Prof Emily Henderson Associate professor in ageing and movement disorders and honorary consultant geriatrician.
Prof Iracema Leroi Associate professor of geriatric psychiatry
Dr Ed Richfield Consultant in elderly medicine
Academic director, Palliative Care Academy
Sue Thomas Independent healthcare consultant


Our Faculty members are experts in their chosen condition and have often – although not always – been involved with an Academy as a delegate and speaker as well. They often speak at courses, events and webinars, but have additional input into the direction and content of their Academy's educational vision, including providing advice and support around MasterClass programme content.

Dr James Fisher Consultant geriatrician
Dr Andrea Lindahl Consultant neurologist & clinical lead for Parkinson’s disease and movement disorder
Dr Conor Maguire Consultant physician in geriatric and general medicine
Dr Sarah Marrinan Consultant physician
Dr Doug McMahon Faculty director, retired
Dr Helen Roberts Senior lecturer
Dr Rob Skelly Consultant geriatrician
Dr David Stewart Consultant physician in medicine for the elderly
Dr Lara Teare Consultant neurologist
Prof Sandy Thomson Consultant physician and geriatrician
Prof Richard Walker Consultant physician
Dr Paul Worth Consultant in neurology


Our speakers are experts in their fields or those with specific experience of a particular topic. They may present at a MasterClass, webinar, or other events and courses, or may deliver a videocast. Many of our speakers are MasterClass alumni, further developing both a clinical network and the Academy's collegiate feel.

Prof Dag Aarsland Professor and head of department of old age psychiatry
Dr Jonny Acheson Emergency Medicine doctor living with Parkinson’s
Alison Anderson Parkinson's advocate
Prof Angelo Antonini Professor of neurology
University of Padua, Italy
Dr Stephanie Azzopardi Consultant neurologist
Prof Oliver Bandmann Professor of movement disorders neurology
Prof Roger Barker Professor of clinical neuroscience, consultant neurologist
Caroline Bartliff Speech & language therapist
Prof Sagnik Bhattacharyya Professor of translational neuroscience & psychiatry
Emma Bines Lead Pharmacist for Elderly Care (with special Interest Parkinson’s Disease)
Prof Bas Bloem Medical director
Prof Richard Brown Professor of neuropsychology and clinical neuroscience
Lisa Brown Parkinson's Disease Nurse Specialist
Nick Bryden Parkinson's nurse specialist
Gemma Burgin Parkinson’s nurse specialist for care of the elderly
Sam Carney Senior policy and campaigns adviser on dementia and mental health
Dr Camille Carroll Associate professor & consultant neurologist
Prof K Ray Chaudhuri Professor of movement disorders and neurology
Dr Benjamin Chetcuti Consultant psychiatrist
Prof Carl Clarke Emeritus Professor of Clinical Neurology
Patsy Cotton Advanced Nurse Practitioner Movement Disorders/Parkinson's
Dr Gemma Cummins Consultant neurologist
Dr Gemma Cummins Consultant Neurologist
Emma Davies UK Parkinson’s Clinical Studies Group Coordinator
Vicki Dillon Paediatric staff nurse
Philippa Duggan-Carter Lead nurse Parkinson’s and movement disorders
Gordon Duncan Consultant physician & NRS clinician
Dr Ross Dunne Consultant old age psychiatrist
Dr Jonathan Evans Consultant in movement disorders
Pauline Fitzell Research team leader
Richelle Flanagan Registered dietitian and nutritionist
Prof Tom Foltynie Consultant Neurologist
Alison Foster Senior pharmacist
Dr Gavin Francis Consultant Physician
Dr Boyd Ghosh Consultant neurologist
Katie Goates Health strategy lead
Prof Donald Grosset Senior research fellow and professor of neurology
Prof Annette Hand Professor of nursing – clinical academic
Dr Victoria Haunton Consultant geriatrician & honorary associate professor
Daiga Heisters Head of Parkinson's Academy
Hannah Hornby Speech and language therapist
Viv Horton Advanced clinical pharmacist for neurosciences
Amelia Hursey Research participation lead
Jemma Inches Research practitioner
Dr Tim Jackson Consultant in Palliative Medicine
Prof Peter Jenner Emeritus professor of pharmacology
Clare Johnson Specialist occupational therapist
Dr Julie Jones Senior lecturer
Vanessa Jones Specialist dietitian
Karen Kite Lead clinical pharmacist
Dr Christopher Kobylecki Consultant neurologist
Dr Norman Kock Consultant Neurologist
Alison Leake Parkinson’s disease nurse specialist
Dr Mariah Lelos Co-director
Dr Valentina Leta Neurologist and PhD Clinical Research Fellow
Clare Lindley Team leader PDNS
Fiona Lindop Specialist physiotherapist
Dr Fiona Lithander Nutrition Scientist, Dietitian and Researcher
Dr Veronica Lyell Consultant Geriatrician
Clair Mace Parkinson's Disease Nurse Specialist
Dr Tom Mace Consultant geriatrician
James Mack Senior charge nurse
Dr Alistair Mackett Consultant Geriatrician
Dr Francesca Mancini Medical director
Hannah Martin Advanced nurse practitioner Parkinson’s disease
Dr Kevin McFarthing Parkinson's research advocate
Lucy Mooney Lead movement disorder nurse specialist for the advanced treatment service for parkinson’s
Dr Huw Morris Consultant neurologist and professor of clinical neuroscience
Dr David Nesbitt Specialty registrar in neurology
Dr Edward Newman Consultant neurologist
Dr Alastair Noyce Clinical Reader and Lead
Dr Mícheál Ó Breasail Senior Research Associate
Dr David Okai Clinical lead for psychiatry
Lynne Osborne Consultant Nurse
Des O’Sullivan Educational Publishing Project Manager
Dr Chandrasekhara Padmakumar Consultant Geriatrician & Clinical Leader Aged Care
Prof Jalesh Panicker Consultant neurologist
Miriam Parry Parkinson’s Disease Nurse Consultant
Prof Nicola Pavese Consultant neurologist
Jane Price Parkinson’s disease nurse advanced practitioner
Dr Sandip Raha Associate specialist in care of the elderly medicine and movement disorder specialist
Dr Jason Raw Consultant Physician and Geriatrician
Prof Suzanne Reeves Clinical Senior Lecturer in Old Age Psychiatry
Jane Rideout Clinical lead for user involvement
Dr Tim Rittman Senior Clinical Research Associate
Karen Robinson Consultant dietitian and chair of the Neurosciences Specialist Group (NSG) of the British Dietetic Association
Dr Gill Sare Consultant Neurologist
Mike Scott Parkinson’s specialist nurse
Prof Monty Silverdale Consultant neurologist
Tanya Simuni Arthur C. Nielsen jr. Professor of neurology director, parkinson’s disease and movement disorders center
Tracey Smith Parkinson’s Disease Nurse Specialist
Dr Matthew Smith Clinical Research Fellow and Specialist Registrar in Neurology
Dr Simon Stott Deputy Director of Research
Dr Lucy Strens Consultant Neurologist
Dr Qian Yue Tan Consultant geriatrician
Dr Ai Huey Tan Associate professor and consultant neurologist
Dr Christine Taylor Consultant in old age psychiatry
Pedro Teixeira Product & Business Development
Rachel Thompson Consultant admiral nurse
Prof Claudia Trenkwalder President of The International Parkinson and Movement Disorder Society
Dr Daniel Van Wamelen Movement Disorders Neurologist
Dr Latha Velayudhan Clinical reader in ageing and dementia studies
Dr Rowan Wathes Associate director
Dr Rimona Weil Consultant neurologist & clinician scientist
Dr Alan Whone Consultant Senior Lecturer in Movement Disorders
Alison Wilkinson Dementia Nurse Consultant
Dr Elisabeth Wilson neuropalliative care fellow
Dr Ben Wright Consultant Neurologist
Jenny Wright Parkinson’s Disease Nurse Specialist
Dr Richard Wyse Director of Research
Valli Yanni facilitator and consultant in international development
Dr Alison Yarnall Clinical fellow
Jane Young Nurse Consultant
Jacqueline Young Specialist Dementia Nurse