Prof Joaquim Ferreira has published a short video responding to some questions posed by people living with Parkinson’s.

His succinct message is that the Parkinson’s community should adopt exactly the same guidance as is being issued to the wider public, and should continue with their normal medications.

He states clearly that there is no evidence that Parkinson’s itself will put people at increased risk of COVID-19. However, he highlights that there is an increased risk of severity of disease to people who are older if they do contract COVID-19 and so older people should exercise the appropriate levels of caution and follow the national guidance to self-isolate.

The professor also notes that there have been questions raised in the media as to whether specific medications aggravate an individual’s response to COVID-19. His clear response is that there is no scientific data at all associating the use of anti-Parkinsonian medication and an increased risk of COVID-19.

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