As the coronavirus (COVID-19) spreads, there is a clear need to advise patients with Parkinson’s on what to do in relation to their treatment and management.
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The Parkinson’s Academy is holding a series of webinars to update clinical teams on what advice to give patients with Parkinson’s and where management strategies should be focussing. We will also hear first-hand from UK and international speakers their thoughts and actions on the pandemic.

You are invited to join our webinars from your computer, tablet or phone. All webinars will be recorded and available here on our website following the meeting. If you would like to join the interactive meetings, please register via the links below.

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Psychosis in Parkinson’s – why it happens to your patients and how you can treat it

Thursday, 2 July 2020 · 20:15 BST
Dr Neil Archibald, Dr Ross Dunne, Dr Christine Taylor & Dr Rimona Weil

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“Thank you NHS” from BIAL Pharma

Prior to July 2020, our Parkinson’s Academy webinars received sponsorship from BIAL Pharma, and were a continuation of the educational support provided from BIAL Pharma.

These meetings are designed and delivered by the Parkinson’s Academy and sponsored by BIAL Pharma. The sponsor has had no input into the educational content or organisation of these meetings.

COVID-19 resources

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Parkinson’s Academy is keen to support you with relevant information, education and signposting wherever possible. We can offer webinars on specific topics, or resources to assist you in supporting patients remotely. We can also provide a space for you to share examples of positive practice with your peers.

Please contact us, or leave a comment below, if you have ideas and suggestions of how we can best do this. If you need ideas, please see MS Academy’s COVID-19 resources to understand how we are supporting MS professionals at this time.


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