Parkinson’s expert calls for COVID-style response to the world’s fastest growing disease

12 January, 2021 | Posted in:

Parkinson’s is the world’s fastest growing neurological disorder. Between 1990 and 2015 the number of individuals diagnosed with the condition doubled from 2.6 million to a staggering 6.3 million worldwide (‘Ending Parkinson’s Disease‘).  Here in the UK, national charity Parkinson’s UK estimates that there are 145,000 people in the UK who have been diagnosed with […]

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Parkinson’s and the COVID-19 vaccine – guidance from the Movement Disorders Society

5 January, 2021 | Posted in:

The Movement Disorders Society (MDS) have issued a statement regarding the COVID-19 vaccine with specific information for those with Parkinson’s.  They are encouraging the healthcare community to recommend COVID-19 vaccination to people living with Parkinson’s, or their caregivers, unless there is a very specific known reason not to. Key to this advisory statement is the […]

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Get involved in our Snowflake challenge this Christmas and make the new year brighter for Sheffield Children’s Hospital

18 December, 2020 | Posted in:

It’s halfway through December, and time is running out, running out, running out… But we’re not too worried, because with two more weeks to go until our deadline, we have already met our two month mission target – to raise 1,876 in money and miles for Sheffield Children’s Hospital.  Excitingly, we’ve raised £2650.00, and collectively […]

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The Pd MasterClasses and 2020

17 December, 2020 | Posted in:

By Dr Peter Fletcher, Academic Director “There are decades where nothing happens; and there are weeks where decades happen”[Vladimir Ilyich Lenin – 1870-1924] Indeed, and to paraphrase a 1960s satirical TV show’s title; ‘That was the Year that was’. Few will want to remember 2020 but even fewer will forget it. Along a still bumpy […]

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Potential Parkinson’s disease-modifying treatment on the horizon

8 December, 2020 | Posted in:

The next phase of trials into a potential disease-modifying treatment for Parkinson’s is set to begin after funding was secured this week.  Abfero received funds to complete pre-clinical testing of SP-420, a potential DMT option which removes iron compounds in the central nervous system, and to explore development of other iron-removing compounds. Iron has been […]

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Scientists may be able to diagnose Parkinson’s via the eye

3 December, 2020 | Posted in:

Exciting new research suggests there may be a new, cheap, and non-invasive way to diagnose Parkinson’s – through an eye examination. The retina of the eye, recognised as being a ‘window to the brain’, could provide the visual access needed to view and diagnose neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s disease. A team of researchers at the […]

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Webinar: Delivering an optimal Parkinson’s service throughout the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond

24 November, 2020 | Posted in:

Please note that all session and slide content are the views of the Speakers, not the Parkinson’s Academy. The content of the recording is the speaker’s personal opinion at the time of recording. Due to the ever changing situation, advice given at the time of recording is subject to change. Speakers: Presentation slides Summary The […]

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