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Promoting prevention, supporting management

From prevention and early recognition through to the end of life, this Academy is at the forefront of optimal care modelling with its interactive Care Pathway and new Brain Health Clinic blueprint.

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Promoting prevention, supporting management

Led by proactive clinicians determined to see improvement in the way we prevent, diagnose and manage dementias, Dementia Academy supports healthcare professionals with the latest tools, resources and courses to do just that.

Designed by clinicians, for clinicians

Healthcare professionals have come together from across different backgrounds, localities, experiences and service models to develop our courses. They make up our valued Faculty, and are constantly shaping and updating the content and style of delivery to maximise its relevance and practicality.

From course to community

As with all our Academies, there is a strong emphasis on the practical application of learning, but with dementia, this brings a strong focus on prevention and risk modification. Equipping delegates with both the knowledge and toolkits they need, this collegiate community is working hard to promote brain health and dementia prevention as well as early diagnosis and optimal management.

Tangible transformation

This Academy is leading the way through national consensus guidance which can in turn be used to improve local service models. Our first Academy to develop a locally-tailored course, 2021 will see a bespoke training series for a whole spectrum of healthcare practitioners from GPs and community services to specialists and consultants. This locally-tailored education in mild cognitive impairment aims to inspire a collaborative approach to quality improvement projects in the area.

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From prevention and early recognition through to the end of life, this Academy is at the forefront of optimal care modelling with its interactive Care Pathway and new Brain Health Clinic blueprint.

Dementia Academy offers a unique opportunity for healthcare professionals to receive expert training in dementia.

Following in the successful footsteps of the Parkinson’s Academy which was established in 2002, the Dementia Academy delivers an innovative educational programme in the field of dementia. The MasterClass aims to provide a structured training programme for clinicians who seek formal training in both the clinical and managerial aspects of running a ‘dementia service’. The educational style of the Academy provides unique clinical skills enhancement and service development.

The Dementia MasterClass is for primary and secondary care clinicians, including nurses, GPwSIs, geriatricians, old age psychiatry consultants and registrars. The training course will cover topics including:

  • Practical neuroimaging for dementia
  • Less common forms of dementia
  • Practical dementia assessment
  • Primary care aspects
  • The acute setting – including delirium assessment
  • Psychiatric and behavioural disturbances
  • Cognitive impairment
  • Workshops around: driving and legal aspects, carer support, community support, OT assessment

The Alzheimer's MasterClass is intended for those who are already dementia specialists such as those from neurology or old age psychiatry, geriatricians or care of the elderly consultants. It dives deeply into:

  • the advanced aspects of diagnosis,
  • neuroimaging in AD,
  • cognitive assessments,
  • clinical trials,
  • the global development perspective,
  • the use and development of fluid biomarkers,
  • the state of the art in cognitive assessment.

If you are a GP, pharmacist, specialist nurse, physiotherapist or other allied healthcare professional with an interest in developing your skills in dementia, please contact us to register your interest for courses tailored to your needs in the future. The Dementia Academy draws on the expertise of leaders in the field who deliver top quality education in small groups of approx. 30 and a relaxed atmosphere. The courses have the input from a range of disciplines, and of course from patients themselves.

“I would like to reiterate our appreciation of the excellent teaching and professionalism of the team at the Dementia Academy.”

MasterClass Feedback

Dr Ross Dunne at our MasterClass 2017 in Manchester

Not only does the Academy provide updates on the evidence base for managing dementia and practical support on how to develop an dementia service, the course is also an invaluable opportunity to establish an ongoing network of peer support.

The Academy MasterClass programmes are approved by the Federation of the Royal Colleges of Physicians of the United Kingdom. The 2018 two-day Dementia MasterClass was awarded 12 category 1 (external) CPD credits. Please note that the credits are subject to approval of the final programme.

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Our work is made possible because of the wider support we receive, and we are incredibly grateful. Thanks to that support, we are transforming healthcare and changing the lives of people living with neurological conditions.

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18 Jul 2023 Posted in News

Successful treatment slows disease progression in Alzheimer's

A research study published in JAMA this month has reported success in treating people in the early stages of Alzheimer's disease.

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Academy and faculty leaders

We are led and supported by experts with a variety of backgrounds across a range of disciplines. By bringing different passions to the Academy, they ensure we maintain a high quality of content and information across a diverse field of knowledge.

Prof Iracema Leroi
Associate professor of geriatric psychiatry
Dr Gregor Russell
Director of research and development
Daniel Blackburn
Senior Lecturer and Honorary Consultant Neurologist


Projects – putting learning into practice

Taking practical education to a fundamental level, some of our courses include a workplace project. An opportunity to test new knowledge and skills and to improve local services, delegates are offered mentorship and encouraged to support their peers as they continue to develop their specialism in a way that directly impacts their patient's outcomes.

Attendees have free reign over this project. It might be service delivery, patient management or drug treatments, and it could take the form of a service description, an audit, or another form of research. It should meet a local need.

When complete, the project closes with a presentation to the other course members, faculty, and often their managers, commissioners or other people of influence in their area.

Improving person-specific information for people with MCI in memory services
By Ronja Kuhn, Assistant Psychologist, North East London NHS Foundation Trust
Challenges in introducing a delirium screening tool
By Dr Yoghini Nagandran, Consultant physician in elderly care, Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust & Dr Aws Hindi, Consultant, Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust
Identifying Delirium and Dementia in a Rehabilitation setting
By Dr Wiebke Wentzlau, Consultant, Northern Care Alliance NHS Foundation Trust


Dementia resources and knowledge

Access a collection of resources for Dementia professionals, including COVID-19 information, webinars, podcasts, event reports and an archive of Academy newsletters.