The Movement Disorders Society (MDS) have issued a statement regarding the COVID-19 vaccine with specific information for those with Parkinson’s. 

They are encouraging the healthcare community to recommend COVID-19 vaccination to people living with Parkinson’s, or their caregivers, unless there is a very specific known reason not to.

Key to this advisory statement is the following information:

  1. The vaccines in development, and those currently available, induce immunisation through mechanisms that do not interact with Parkinson’s neurodegenerative process. There is no evidence to date of interaction between Parkinson’s-related inflammation and the immune response to the vaccines.
  1. There is no evidence (during Phase III trials) of a difference in the types and incidence of side effects in Parkinson’s populations compared to the general population.
  1. The COVID-19 vaccination does not interfere with the current therapies available for Parkinson’s.
  1. Many people with Parkinson’s will be among the first to be vaccinated due to age, nursing home residency, or reasons related to Parkinson’s disabilities, and so more data will be available on this group shortly.

For more information and to view the full statement, please visit the MDS website.


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