The next phase of trials into a potential disease-modifying treatment for Parkinson’s is set to begin after funding was secured this week. 

Abfero received funds to complete pre-clinical testing of SP-420, a potential DMT option which removes iron compounds in the central nervous system, and to explore development of other iron-removing compounds.

Iron has been found to accumulate to toxic amounts in the brains of people living with Parkinson’s, causing oxidative stress, an iron-dependent form of cell death called ferroptosis, and contributing to alpha-synuclein aggregation. These are all considered to be hallmarks of Parkinson’s. 

Studies have demonstrated that excess iron can predict the severity of Parkinson’s, and correlate with the level of cognitive decline and worsening symptoms experienced by the individual with Parkinson’s. 

These findings have led to the pursuit of iron removal as a therapeutic option.  SP-420 is a small molecule designed to clear excess iron from the body by binding to, or chelating it. It crosses the blood-brain barrier, potentially enabling it to remove the iron building up in the brain. 

To find out more, read the press release or Parkinson’s Today’s summary.


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