A brand new trial is underway to trial a drug which may combat dyskinesia in people with Parkinson’s. 

The phase 2 study is being funded by a partnership across Parkinson’s UK and the Michael J Fox Foundation in the USA to test a new drug, NLX-112, in people with Parkinson’s. 

NLX-112 works by targeting serotonin producing brain cells which are believed to contribute to the development of dyskinesia, a commonly experienced side effect in those with Parkinson’s who have been taking levodopa-based medication for several years. 

The biopharma company Neurolixis will lead the study and will assess safety and tolerance of NLX-112 as well as its impact on reducing dyskinesia and some non-motor symptoms including mood and sleep problems.

Read the press releases from Parkinson’s UK and the Michael J Fox Foundation to find out more. 


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