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Many Parkinson’s nurses struggle to find the right training opportunities to develop their skills. Parkinson’s Academy is collaborating with Parkinson’s UK to create a simple road map of professional development opportunities for Parkinson’s nurses, but first we need your help to identify what training already exists in your area.

Through feedback from individual nurses and nurse organisations, such as the PDNSA and the ASPDNS, and from the UK Parkinson’s Excellence Network Education Thematic Group, we have become aware that Parkinson’s nurses at all levels and experience across the UK are finding it difficult to identify and access appropriate Continuous Professional Development (CPD). This is particularly acute for newly recruited Parkinson’s nurses.

It is extremely important that all Parkinson’s nurses can continuously develop professionally and have access to both clinical and non-clinical CPD in order to provide the highest quality care for people living with Parkinson’s.

During 2017 we will develop a Learning Pathway for Parkinson’s nurses which will provide a single point of access to appropriate learning. All learning will be mapped to the Parkinson’s nurse Competencies and the NHS Knowledge and Skills Framework.

Parkinson’s UK has already completed the first part of this project, in the form of a survey which was distributed to all Parkinson’s nurses in late 2016 to understand their learning needs. You can access the full report here, which gave a rich insight into what Parkinson’s nurses would like to see available.

We want to build a digital learning pathway, but before we can do that we need your help to identify all current CPD opportunities for Parkinson’s nurses in your area. If you have information to share, please complete our online questionnaire (opens in new window).

Or paste this link into your browser:

Alternatively you can download a Word document of the questionnaire and email your responses to us at

The questionnaire will be open for responses until Friday 5 May 2017, so please do share this request with your colleagues for their thoughts and input – the more the better.

Thank you!


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