Lucy MooneySpeaker

Lucy Mooney is the Lead Movement Disorder Nurse Specialist for the Functional Neurosurgery team at Frenchay Hospital, Bristol. Lucy is responsible for managing the nursing team who work as part of the Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) Service; and her clinical role includes assessing patients’ suitability for DBS, preparing them for surgery, programming the stimulators and managing the patients’ condition in conjunction with their neurologist following surgery. Lucy is also a Senior Research Nurse and is involved in research conducted by the Functional Neurosurgery Team, as well as overseeing the research nurses who work on other research studies within the field of movement disorders at Frenchay. Lucy has a particular interest in postural instability and gait difficulties in Parkinson’s disease and is the research nurse for the Peduncular Pontine Nucleus (PPN)/ Zona Incerta (Zi) DBS study. Lucy has written a number of publications for patients regarding DBS, she lectures on post-registration nursing courses and speaks at various meetings and conferences.

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Lucy Mooney: Surgical Procedures in Parkinson’s Disease