The Parkinson’s Academy is holding a series of webinars to update clinical teams on what advice to give patients with Parkinson’s and where management strategies should be focussing.

Diet and Parkinson's disease

18 September | Daiga Heisters, Prof Bas Bloem & Richelle Flanagan

Resetting with the UK Parkinson's Excellence Network

11 September | Daiga Heisters, Dr Annette Hand, Patsy Cotton, Fiona Lindop, Alison Leake, Prof Richard Walker, Dr Donald Grosset & Jane Rideout

Psychosis in Parkinson’s – why it happens to your patients and how you can treat it

2 July 2020 | Dr Neil Archibald, Dr Ross Dunne, Dr Christine Taylor & Dr Rimona Weil

Prior to July 2020, our Parkinson’s Academy webinars received sponsorship from BIAL Pharma, and were a continuation of the educational support provided from BIAL Pharma.

Medication and medication management – Parkinson’s #COVID19

15 June 2020 | Alison Leake, Jane Price, Louise Ebenezer, Dr Annette Hand & Patsy Cotton

Exercise in Parkinson’s during COVID-19

5 June 2020 | Dr Richard Davenport, Prof Bas Bloem & Fiona Lindop

Symptom control, management and getting over COVID-19 for PwP

22 May 2020 | Patsy Cotton, Dr Annette Hand, Louise Ebenezer, Alison Leake, Fiona Lindop

Managing the older person with Parkinson’s in the time of COVID-19

19 May 2020 | Dr Conor Maguire, Dr Sarah Marrinan, Dr Richard Genever & Dr Emily Henderson

Parkinson’s – How to remote consult during COVID-19

14 May 2020 | Dr Richard Davenport, Dr Ross Dunne & Dr Edward Newman

#PDCovid19 Nurse Q&A

4 May 2020 | Dr Annette Hand, Louise Ebenezer, Jane Price, Alison Leake & Patsy Cotton

Parkinson’s: A UK and international perspective on the COVID-19 impact

24 April 2020 | Dr Richard Davenport, Prof Bastiaan Bloem, Dr Francesca Mancini & Louise Ebenezer

These meetings are designed and delivered by the Parkinson’s Academy and sponsored by BIAL Pharma. The sponsor has had no input into the educational content or organisation of these meetings.


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