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Video guide to diagnosis of Parkinson’s

The Parkinson’s Academy has worked together with Dr Frank Phelan, to develop his award-winning MasterClass project into a fully-fledged video guide to the diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease and other movement disorders. Read more in this article. We would love to know what you think of our video guide tool: Give feedback here.

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UTI infographic

Chesterfield Royal Hospital has been working to improve the accuracy of diagnosis of urinary tract infection (UTI). Audits had shown that the majority of inpatients treated for UTI did not have symptoms to support that diagnosis.


Parkinson’s driving questionnaire

Developed by The South Wales Parkinson’s Specialist Nurse group in 2017, the Parkinson’s driving questionnaire promotes safer driving and supports people with Parkinson’s to make informed decisions around issues relating to their driving.

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Medication Dose Calculator

Online calculator developed by Dr James Fisher as part of his MasterClass intermodule project. With quick and easy drop-down boxes, the user inputs the patient’s usual medication type, quantity and frequency, and the tool calculates the equivalent dose to be given via PEG. It has over 10,000 visits to the site to date and is a simple and very effective tool to make sure people with Parkinson’s get the right medication at the right time, all the time. Read more in this article.

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Parkinson’s Drug Guideline & Calculator

OPTIMAL is an award winning Parkinson’s medication and conversion calculator. Its designers hope their new online tool will help professionals who are unfamiliar with Parkinson’s to better manage their patients’ medicaiton in hospital. Read more in this article.

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Essence of Care in Continence Management

We facilitated the development of a national benchmarking tool for continence care in Parkinson’s using a steering group of national experts in continence care. This work was published by Parkinson’s UK and is endorsed by the PDNSA, RCN, BGS (Parkinson’s section) and Promo Con.

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