Here is a collection of resources for Parkinson’s healthcare professionals.

Parkinson’s Academy newsletter

The alumni of the Parkinson’s MasterClass programme maintain contact through a newsletter called ‘MasterClass: Moving on’.

Previous editions of Masterstrokes newsletter:

Non-oral therapy CARE pathway

A new best practice pathway for the use of non-oral treatments in Parkinson’s has been devised by clinicians to make the referral process for these therapies more explicit.

The new guideline pathway, for the first time, gives clinicians a road-map for the use of non-oral therapy (apomorphine, intestinal levodopa gel infusion (Duodopa) and deep brain stimulation).

Parkinson’s DRUG Guideline & calculator

OPTIMAL is an award winning Parkinson’s medication and conversion calculator. Its designers hope their new online tool will help professionals who are unfamiliar with Parkinson’s to better manage their patients’ medicaiton in hospital.

Driving with Parkinson’s

In general terms patients with Parkinson’s are able to drive as long as they are physically and psychologically in a fit state so to do. We all take personal responsibility only to drive when we are able to – this applies to people with Parkinson’s in the same way as it does to the general population. More information in the Driving brochure.

Pathways – a Paradigm for Disease Management in Parkinson’s

Work originally done under the auspices of the World Health Organization to develop a four stage approach to Parkinson’s Disease, this pathway model has become an educational tool used worldwide for training in Parkinson’s. 

Community Matron/ Specialist Nurse Workshop

This Royal College of Nursing workshop looked at the interface between community nurses and specialist multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s nurses, examining each of their respective roles and areas of overlap. See the workshop report here.

Essence of Care in Continence Management

We facilitated the development of a national benchmarking tool for continence care in Parkinson’s using a steering group of national experts in continence care. This work was published by Parkinson’s UK and is endorsed by the PDNSA, RCN, BGS (Parkinson’s section) and Promo Con.

Pain Pathway

We facilitated the development of an Motor Neurone Disease Pain Pathway with MND nurses and therapists looking at pain from a physical and spiritual perspective.

Carer care pathway in Parkinson’s

We facilitated Parkinson’s nurse specialists and carers to develop a carer care pathway that looks at carer needs across the continuum of care in someone with Parkinson’s. ‘Carer Pathway – Four Stage Paradigm Approach‘ was developed in association with Cornwall Carers and the James Parkinson Centre Cornwall.

information for professionals

Parkinson’s UK have much information for professionals which can be accessed on their website.