Projects: Parkinson’s Service Audit

picture2Dr Rajendran Magesh, Patient satisfaction survey
Dr Alice CL Ong, Effectiveness of a PD clinic
Dr Sara Evans, Development of a database for patients with Parkinson’s disease
Dr Gordon Duncan, Parkinson’s UK patient management audit 2011: Newcastle
Dr Rob Skelly, Multidisciplinary Parkinson’s clinic patient satisfaction survey
Dr Dipen Gandecha, Parkinson’s national audit 2015
Dr Ban Al-Saffar, Awareness of Parkinson’s amongst junior doctors
Dr Margaret Bulling, Governance project
Dr Sarah Campbell, Audit of medical outpatient management of Parkinson’s disease
Dr Ann Dowd, Parkinson’s disease management in Portsmouth
Dr Avinash Sharma, Assessment of current Parkinson’s disease service provision at a London Foundation Trust Hospital against NICE guidelines
Dr Biju Mohamed, Parkinson’s service audit in Cardiff
Dr Chaandrasekhara Padmakumar, Parkinson’s in Australia
Dr Charles D’Souza, PD audit in Caerphilly
Dr Debesh Mukherjee, Parkinson’s service audit Swindon
Dr Diane Stokes, Parkinson’s services in Taranaki (New Zealand): A stock take
Dr Shona Donaldson, Parkinson’s service audit and NICE guidelines
Dr Sue Evans, New Forest PD service
Dr Iain Wilkinson, PD in Kingston Hospital
Dr Jason Raw, Bury Parkinson’s service audit 2009
Dr Laura Peacock, Parkinson’s patient management 2011, North East Glasglow
Dr Marek Kunc, Parkinson’s service in Airedale
Dr Martin Wilson, New referrals with ?PD
Dr Nadeem Aftab, A review of the Parkinson’s disease service at Colchester Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
Dr Dawn Noble, Audit of Parkinson’s clinic in North Tees & Hartlepool NHS Trust
Dr Robert Welding, Are patients with Parkinson’s disease in South Gloucestershire being identified and referred to specialists?
Dr Rosie Lockwood, Results of the Parkinson’s UK Audit for Sheffield (Geriatric Medicine)
Dr Suzanne Burns, Parkinson’s service audit in Tayside
Dr Zahid Dhakam, Parkinson’s service audit (Ashford & St Peter’s Hospital NHS Trust)
Dr Medhat Zaiada, Parkinson’s audit (Fife)
Dr Erisa Ito, Evaluation of Parkinson’s disease service in Southampton area
Dr Chandana Kanakaratne, Referrals of patients and their review at specialised PD clinic
Dr Mudhar Obaid, Parkinson’s disease referral
Dr Cathy Patterson, Audit of Parkinon’s services in the Belfast Trust
Dr Arvind Kumar, Parkinson’s service audit: provider/user perspective
Dr Agustin Aranda-Martinez, Parkinson’s patient management audit: Can we improve our service
Dr Jey Selwyn, Prospective analysis of patients attending movement disorder clinic
Dr S Thompson, Survey of healthcare professionals’ knowledge and use of Parkinson’s disease nurse specialist

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