Projects: Non-Motor Symptoms

picture13Dr David Ahearn, Continence assessment in Parkinson’s disease
Laurie Chapman, Service improvement: Implementation of non-motor symptom questionnaire
Dr Sion Jones, Assessment of ADLs and non-motor symptoms: Role of patient questionnaire
Dr Nye Matthew, Evaluating NMS in my local clinic cohort
Dr Joanne Renton, Measurement of postural blood pressures in PD clinic
Dr Dymock, How common is pain in PD?
Dr Tatyana Viner, Non-motor presentation of Parkinson’s disease for patients admitted to Princess Royal United Hospital
Dr Savithri Gunasekera, Eye symptoms and signs in Parkinson’s disease: Are we asking about them enough?
Dr Becky Jupp, Non-motor assessment in previous year and best practice tariff

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