Projects: Medication

picture9Dr Naomi Fox, Development of the OPTIMAL online guideline and calculator for Parkinson’s medication in inpatients
Dr John Cordina, Trends in drug use in the PD clinic at the RVH, Edinburgh
Dr Rosie Belcher & Dr Lai Ping Thum, Prescribing and administration for medical inpatients with parkinsonism
Dr Wasim Aziz Khan, Audit on inpatient management of Parkinson’s disease medications
Dr Ahmed Abdelhafiz, PD medication management in hospital setting
Dr Indunil Gunawardena, Audit of ICD documentation in patients receiving dopamine agonists
Dr James Shaw, Parkinson’s disease acute admissions medication audit
Dr Sarah Logan, Prescribing and administering Parkinson’s disease drugs in patients with hip fractures: re-audit
Dr Shashi Gadgil, Audit of the prescription and administration of PD meds on admission to the Royal Berkshire Hospital
Dr Belinda Kessel, Dopamine agonist monitoring
Dr Elizabeth Castaneda, Review of Parkinson’s patients on dopamine agonist agents
Dr S Nishantha Silva, Impulsive control disorder awareness and documentation among the Parkinson’s patient on dopamine agonists
Dr Alfarah Kunwar, Audit of impulse control disorder monitoring for PD patients on dopamine agonist treatment

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