MasterClass Project Winners

2016-winners2016 MasterClass project winner

Dr Kate Scott, Knowing our own business: Groundwork for older adults Parkinson’s service

2016 MasterClass project runners up

Dr Matt Butler, Improving outcomes for inpatients with Parkinson’s by reducing medical error
Dr Aishling Murray, Bone health in patients with Parkinson’s disease
Dr Christine Taylor, Improving access to psychiatric services for people with Parkinson’s

2015-winners2015 MasterClass project winner:

Dr Sowjanya Potturu, Falls and bone health in Parkinson’s disease

2015 MasterClass project runners up:

Dr Greg Waddell, Assessing fracture risk in the PD clinic
Dr William Ogburn, A review of PD management in elderly surgical patients
Dr Carolyn Tipton, Impulsive and compulsive behaviours: How well is advice regarding these side effects recorded in the notes, both at initiation of treatments and on follow up? 

2014-winners2014 MasterClass project winner:

Dr Naomi Fox, Development of the OPTIMAL online guideline and calculator for Parkinson’s medication in inpatients

2014 MasterClass project runners up:

Dr Victoria Haunton, Developing a guideline for the inpatient management of patients with PD
Dr Asim Majeed and Dr Huma Naqvi, Improving inpatient management of Parkinson’s at SWBH
Dr David Ahearn, Continence assessment in Parkinson’s disease

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