Projects: Cognition & Mental Health

picture11Dr Carolyn Tipton, Impulsive and compulsive behaviours: How well is advice regarding these side effects recorded in the notes, both at initiation of treatments and on follow up?
Dr Christine Taylor, Improving access to psychiatric services for people with Parkinson’s
Dr Janet Carter & Dr Jo Rodda, Services for patients with Parkinson’s disease within Havering Older Adult Mental Health Services
Dr Chineze Ivenso, Parkinson’s disease dementia / Lewy body dementia audit
Dr Malladi, Management of Mental health problems in Parkinson’s disease (based on NICE recommendations)
Dr Nassif Mansour, Assessment of cognitive decline in patients with PD
Dr S Nishantha Silva, Impulsive control disorder awareness and documentation among the Parkinson’s patient on dopamine agonists
Dr Alfarah Kunwar, Audit of impulse control disorder monitoring for PD patients on dopamine agonist treatment

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