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Conor Maguire

Dr Conor Maguire, Consultant Physician in Geriatric and General Medicine, Western General Hospital Edinburgh


Sarah Marrinan

Dr Sarah Marrinan, Consultant Physician, NHS Lothian

Dr Richard Genever, Consultant Physician and Movement Disorders Lead, Chesterfield Royal Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Dr Emily Henderson, Consultant Geriatrician and lead for Movement Disorders Research, Royal United Hospitals Bath NHS Foundation Trust

Topics covered during this webinar:

  • Clarifying UK Government advice on social distancing for people with Parkinson’s (i.e. high risk but not shielded)
  • Exploring co-morbidities of people with Parkinson’s
  • The role of stress and enclosed spaces in Freezing of Gait
  • Amantadine – no evidence of benefit in COVID (previous use in influenza)
  • What’s changed for our patients: at home, as outpatients, in hospital
  • Which NMS may become problematic in this context
  • What can we all do / suggest, such as keep to a routine, good sleep, hygiene etc.
  • Atypical presentation and the how the research agenda for older people may be applicable to those with PD

Sarah’s slides


Richard’s slides


Emily’s slides


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This meeting is designed and delivered by the Parkinson’s Academy and sponsored by BIAL Pharma. The sponsor has had no input into the educational content or organisation of this meeting.


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