by Sue Thomas

ThomasAn essential part of the MasterClass programme has always been the inter-module audit. Many clincians have developed their own Parkinson’s services as a result of attendance on the programme and the audit has enabled them to critically look at how their services should be delivered.  When running a service it is vital to identify the right care pathways and ensure they are integrated with all the services that support people with Parkinson’s.

Integrated care pathways are key to service delivery and for those interested in developing their own a template exists – developed in Norfolk with Dr Paul Worth one of the Masterclass Faculty members. We have gone on to support others to develop their own like Neil Archibald’s in South Tees as well as developing other aspects of the overall Parkinson’s pathway.

The latest element of pathway development has been a non-oral pathway that includes the path to follow for initiation of apomorphine, deep brain stimulation and Duodopa.
This clinical pathway has been developed with guidance of a steering group which includes movement disorder specialists, Parkinson’s UK and neurology services commissioners and this will be launched early in the new year.

Following the publication of the pathway, Parkinson’s Academy now plans to offer training in its delivery through regional workshops. For more information about this day long MasterClass and how to register your interest click here.



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